Legal Information

Legal Information

Information lt. § 5 Abs.1 ECG

Proprietor:: Ms. Gabriele Schlappinger, MBA
Master of Business Administration
Member of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce
Type of Business: Accommodation Services up to 10 beds
Trade authority: Magistrat der Stadt Wien
Applicable regulations: Österreichische Gewerbeordnung GewO
available at
Company Headquarters: Pezzlgasse 36/Top 6, 1170 Vienna
Contact Information: Telephone: +43 (0) 664-460 16 44
Company Identification Number: ATU 65035909
Descriptions and photographs of Vienna: © Gabriele Schlappinger
Photographs of apartments: © Anastasia Osipova, © Verena Prinz, © Nora Varga

All rights are reserved.
Reproduction, including partial reproduction, is prohibited without written permission.

This website provides information about our company’s services.

Legal validity of this liability disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet site, which has been referred to on this page. If parts or individual wordings of this text do not, or no longer, or do not fully correspond to prevailing legal norms, the content and validity of the remaining parts of this document shall remain unaffected.

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